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We offer the most complete services regarding broken car keys in London and neighboring areas. It is not unlikely for many kinds of keys to become worn down to the point where they do not work, and in some cases they might even snap. Broken car keys can actually be replaced or repaired at a competitive price, one much lower than that of the dealer’s price. Oftentimes, when a key becomes entirely too old, it can snap, so if you happen to still have all the pieces of the key, we can put them together in order to create a new key that works. In most cases, our keys have a transponder chip, which is mostly responsible for immobilising the vehicle. We will then be able to take the chip from the original key and place it into the new replacement key.

Most often, it has been our experience that worn out keys will often break off in locks and ignitions, so it is our duty to assist drivers that have broken their key off in the barrel of the ignition. If this is your situation, we will first remove the key that is broken and then put the blade together to make a new one. In just about every case, we will be able to remove the busted portion of the key and not need to remove the ignition or door lock.

For some types of vehicles, the key can be so worn out that it stops working in just about every lock. Actually, Ford vehicles are infamous for this unfortunate defect, whereby the key is actually worn only at the tip, making functionality nearly impossible. If this happens, then the key may actually lock the car, but it will not open it. Or the key may not work in one lock and then work in all the others. Oftentimes, people erroneously believe the lock is broken, when in actuality, the key is in fact broken.

Many of the newer vehicles come with a remote device, which operates the alarm and collective locking system. Whenever possible, we do our best to repair remote issues, and if it is not possible to fix the remote, often we will be forced to program a brand new one. In this case, we will then trade the older key blade and set in place with the new remote apparatus. We are the most experienced group of professionals dealing with broken car key repairs in London, and we sincerely hope that you choose us to assist you with these related issues.

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